another day in lockdown

‘After a long day, it is you who I want to come home to’, we declared to each other when we fell in love. But we haven’t had anywhere far to go and return from in a long time. In the absence of long commutes, how we described what being in love with each other felt like, needed an upgrade.

As two introverts, we intuitively understood the other’s need for space. But when you throw in the existential agony that comes with living under restrictions and the uncertainty of an endpoint, we had to get proactive.

We prepared ourselves for the new reality by playing around with our furniture to build new perspectives within our home. We started by carving out spaces for ourselves to retreat into solitude when we wanted. We created small physical distances to make our hearts grow fonder – He took a spot upstairs, and I chose the desk by the window sill.

After recharging ourselves with all the quiet we needed for the day, we finally came back to spend time together, like the waves that return to embrace the shoreline.

‘I hope to always protect your need for quiet, just like you always protect mine,’ – we updated our statement of love through our comfortable silences, as we ended another day in lockdown.

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