strangers and spaces

Artists on the move

While touring a modern architectural marvel, my eyes curiously followed the visitors and their interactions with the space. Frames like the one below, made me wonder if those who moved along the structure, were aware of their dialogues with geometry.  As they seamlessly flowed through the interlocking lines and polygons laid down by the architect, they unknowingly crafted art of their own.

Photograph by Vaishnavi Krishna Kumar

Somewhere in between

Since I was a child, staircases always fascinated me. The stairway at home was set against a grand window wall that overlooked the garden. I spent a lot of summer days sitting with my toys or books on the stairway landing. It was my little escape from everything around. I could enjoy the conversations from the hall below and the music from the room above, without committing to either.

I found my happy place somewhere in between.

Photograph by Vaishnavi Krishna Kumar

The dance routine

On the streets are lines that tell one where to go, and lights that tell one when to move. As though part of a choreographed routine, everyone moves along the neatly drawn out lines and boxes, aware that a step out of line is forbidden. On the cue of the beeping sound of a traffic signal… tick-tick-tick-tick-5-6-7-8 , the troupe sways forward and skips across parallel lines.

Photograph by Vaishnavi Krishna Kumar

Small talk

When faced with an obligatory ‘What’s going on?’, I respond with an equally dull ‘Nothing much’. Although it sounds drab, I realise that responding instead with an ‘I had a nervous breakdown last week’ may be a bit unfair to spill on an unsuspecting listener. Some days, I wish I could fast-forward the pleasantries and skip ahead to talking about the anguish that keeps you awake at night, or your musings on how the world is run. I desire to pass up a question on the weather for a chance to connect to the universe within you.

Photograph by Vaishnavi Krishna Kumar

‘And when I’m lonely, with everyone around
I go to my happy place where I’m alone.’

Photograph by Vaishnavi Krishna Kumar

(Photos taken in Washington D.C. and New York )

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