‘I wasn’t meant for reality, but life came and found me,’ wrote Fernando Pessoa.

My heart felt the same way, so I packed my bag and set off on a journey to a dream.

Waiting in Marseille


Van Gogh journeyed to the south of France in search of the sun. The bright, clear light inspired the lively yellows and blues in his paintings.  

On my way to the south of France, I dreamt of his paintings and then I photographed my dream.

Colour Palette


Was it the dramatic way in which the light fell or was it the shades of the old town that made me feel like the time stood still?

Either way, my heart was grateful for the harmonious blend in that silent street. 

Time stood still


Every now and then, my wandering soul pauses to listen to the silence.

To embrace the universe inside me.


They say that you see what you choose to see.

I chose to see colours that stayed true to my dream like world.



Not ready to wake up yet.

‘I’ll have more of the rich colours, please! Thank you!’

Rich colours


That moment was ours.

You against the silent sky and the sea that whispered poetry.

I wish I could press ‘Pause’ and stay in that moment just a little longer.

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